Helpful Definitions

1Unfinished or Natural Wood – This refers to a log that has been debarked and sanded smooth with no other treatments.  Over time, it will typically result in a natural blonde appearance.



Finished Wood – The log has been debarked, sanded smooth, and then lacquered or have a polyurethane finish. As an option, this can also include a color stain of your choice.


Bar Pour – Liquid glass, glossy polymer finish on top of the wood surface used to add extreme durability to table tops and help resist water staining.  Much thicker and more durable than a traditional lacquer.


Reclaimed Wood – Previously used wood from barns, homes, wine barrels, old furniture or any other structure with weathered timbers.  This term is commonly used interchangeably with recycled wood.


Mortise and Tenon Joinery – A style of joint that has been used for millennia by woodworkers around the world to securely join two pieces of wood into a rigid and strong assembly. 


Dovetail – A joint frequently used in wood drawer construction to achieve superior strength and durability.

ASK-580  Barstool


Rustic Wood – Typically a log that has been standing dead or lying on the ground for a while with the bark attached. This allows for colorful characteristics and occasionally some worm tracking on the wood.  Rustic also can refer to leaving all or some of the inner bark (cambium) on to give a richer texture and color.


Powder Coat Paint – This metal paint is in the form of a fine powder which is electrically charged so it will stick to the metal temporarily, and is sprayed on. The items then bake at 450 degrees, turning the finish into a molten film which fuses to the metal with a strong bond, curing and hardening into an extremely long-lasting, durable finish.


Custom Wood, Log or Metal Pieces – Looking for that one of a kind wood or metal look?  You may order your pieces with extra rustic appeal or more of the cleaner traditional look, unique features and lines.  From jewelry boxes and cabinets, to complete bedroom sets, we can work with you to design and build the perfect piece of furniture to match your style.  Because almost everything is already made to order, custom orders may be more economical than you think.

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